Hi, I'm Lacey

I’m a digital marketer, data strategist, and TikTok enthusiast. If you’re interested in what I’m working on, have a question, or just want to talk shop, hit that follow button on Twitter and/or send me a DM.

Lead content strategist focusing on talent analysis, forecasting fashion trends report, and break out platform opportunities.

Old Navy
Lead content strategist managing the consideration part of the funnel. Helping the media team with audience insights and media behaviors. Building briefs for the creative team and educating the creatives on content best practices for the client. Creating retrospectives for client campaigns and cultural moments throughout the year.  

New Biz
Best part of my job is I get to do the research for some of the new business pitches at PMG. Love learning everything about a new brand and becoming an expert in something I didn’t know before.

Ralph Lauren
Helped create a regional customer report based on current and potential shoppers. Analyzed audience insights, geographic trends, regional influencer interviews, competitive landscape, and social listening around each region.  

Create a quarterly analysis based on Athleta’s competitors' talent strategy, content strategy, and messaging.  

Michael Kors
Conduct content audits on MK and its competitors to find potential areas of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. 

Lead data strategist for +2 years. Helped develop new social listening report formats based on seasonality and emerging platforms like TikTok. Additionally create dashboards for social performance. Created one of Gatorade’s most viral organic tweets and Instagram posts based on social listening insights. Last project I managed was Gatorade’s TikTok #TryOuts campaign for highschool athletes to try out to be a brand ambassador.

Travel Sector
As part of the Strategist Planning and Insights team at PMG we hosted a webinar for our clients educating them on a specific sector, and how to approach the 2021 holiday season and 2022 planning. My focus was the travel and leisure sector.  

TikTok for Business
Created content strategy and analyzed content pillars performance. Develop briefs for the creative team based on the campaign. Designed best practices decks for each platform and helped educate how the brand should show up.  

Lilly Pulitzer
Developed seasonal fashion trends report to help find potential opportunities to play into from a content or messaging standpoint.  

Lead data strategist for Pepsico's newest sport's drink beverage, BOLT24. Measure marketing performance on social media along with social listening and competitor analysis. 

Lead data strategist for TikTok's performance and growth marketing campaigns. Forecasting trends and topics on TikTok that would perform well on non-TikTok channels. We are creating 150 assets on multiple social channels. 

Designed and recruited a survey for Venmo followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Venmo's email list. Questions included demographics, NPS, user behavior, brand perception, and social behavior. 

Executed a digital ecosystem audit to help identify areas of opportunity. Conducted field surveys for new products and created other surveys to understand if people know what athletes are sponsored by adidas.

Helped develop a new audience segment and used audience tools to better understand their behaviors. Created competitive audits, social listening reports, and measurement campaigns to optimize creative.

Umpqua Bank
Led consumer research project on uncovering differences between its audiences. Developed customer feedback pop-up survey for Umpqua’s website to help optimize customer experience.

Muscle Milk
Created measurement reports for Muscle Milk’s holiday campaign and #OwnYourStrength campaign.

Used social listening tools to understand how people are talking about Paypal on Twitter.

Shibui Knits
Created its ecommerce website from the ground up with Shopify. Established best practices for social, ecommerce, and email campaigns. Wanted a change so I transferred to the sales team to learn new skills. Created growth programs for stores that sell Shibui Knits and managed influencer marketing.

Knit Purl
Knit Purl was a Portland, OR boutique yarn shop that was known nationally for its exclusive and high quality selection. It closed down in 2018 (RIP) so the owners could focus on Shibui Knits line. I was the marketing manager for both the physical store and digital touchpoints (social, ecommerce, and email).

I created a project called TalkinTok, a place to help educate and empower businesses on what trends are on TikTok so they can be part of the conversation instead of hanging by the sidelines. I created it back when brands were hesitant to join the platform

Using AI to Generate Memes
In light of new technology like DALLE-2 my partner and I made a fun project called Regular Normal Humans Goal: Use AI to generate memes. Basically how quickly can we create unique social content. How it works, the face: Our meme generator pulls faces directly from thispersondoesnotexist.com in order to have real faces as a backdrop for content. Generating faces at such high quality is a hard task, not to mention compute-intensive. So it makes sense to use a working implementation vs. building our own. How it works the copy: We pull sentences from a corpus of randomly generated sentences and use these to generate more sentences by using them as GPT-3 prompts. The outputted sentences are generally short in length and perfect for grafting onto the images. These phrases are then put onto the image using Python Pillow, a fork of PIL, to process the images. Output: We can create hundreds of combinations in a second. Then can pick and choose which AI-generated memes make us laugh and publish them to whatever channel we choose.

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